Check out these important documents and tips regarding our services and operations before you make a booking.

Before You Make a Booking:

  1. Check the location of any underground services near your property via Dial Before You Dig. DBYD is a great reference for the location of services on the street, or those that are part of an easement on your property. However, if you want detailed sewage and drainage plans for your house, you will need to contact your local Council to see what they have on file.
  2. Make sure there is a spotter on site for the works. Although all care is taken by our operators it is incredibly hard to see around the machinery at all times. So our operator will NEED YOU to ensure no in ground and above ground service connections are disrupted by the works. They will also need you to spot for any obstacles or property that is immovable and located within the work space. For example, retaining walls, pergola posts, letterboxes, trees and pot plants. Anything that is below the height of the machine cannot be seen.
  3. Make sure you and your family members are in a visible safe location at all times. The machines are loud and our operators are concentrating on the works at hand. Should anyone be behind the machinery or in proximity they could find themselves injured. Please make your location known to the operator or in clear sight at all times. The excavator boom and tracks can cause serious personal injury. The bobcat bucket and tyres can cause serious personal injury.
  4. Review the Terms and Conditions located above, to ensure you are aware of all your liabilities when hiring our services.
Excavator for Hire


Do you provide fixed price quotes for earthmoving works?

No. The reason is that we simply don’t know what is under the ground. It could be rock we are excavating, or simply easy loose soil and the time taken varies greatly. It is of benefit to both parties that the works are on an hourly rate, as we may be able to get the job done quicker than you first thought.

Can we stop the works at any time?

Yes. Our 3 Hour Minimum Hire stands for any and all jobs. However if you have reached your budget limit or a point in the works, where you want us to stop, you are welcome to tell our operator to do so.

Can you give an estimate of the cost?

Yes we can give an estimate of the cost. Which is only a guess at what we might expect or anticipate the length of time to be, to complete the works.

Do you take soil, gravel, rock and mulch material away?

Yes. We can take this material to either the local commercial dump site, for the applicable fee per tonne of material, or to a private dump site as arranged by you prior to the works beginning. We recommend taking photos of the material to be removed, so that the receiving person is aware of what they are getting.

What’s your minimum charge?

We have a 3 hour Minimum Hire = 3 x hourly rate.

Is rock breaking extra?

Yes. Use of our rock breaker is an additional $20/hr + GST.
Rock breaking puts tremendous stress on the machinery and the rock breaker attachment is an expensive piece of equipment in our range of attachments.

How much material can your tipper hold?

Our tippers can take primarily 10 tonne of any materials. often this relates to about 10m3 for say mulch. But means we have less capacity for rock or concrete materials. So what at times may seem like a half full load, is actually the capacity for the truck.

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